How to Find a Sex Offender By Name

If you would like to find a sex offender by name, we have a few tips for you. Finding sex offender information is easy to do these days. Thanks to modern technology and the laws that require sex offenders to register their offenses in the state, every concerned citizen the nation can get the truth about people, even when they don’t want them to. Not only can you search for sex offenders by name, but you can also see if there are any sex offenders that live near you or your family.

Search for Sex Offenders By Name

There are several ways to search for sex offenders. If you have the name available, it makes the task a lot easier. In most cases having the full name of the offender and the zip code or city of the offense can result in an accurate result without having to choose from several people with the same name. The default way to search is to use your favorite search engine. Simply put the name into the search box and see what you find. However, you can never truly rely on the internet for an accurate report. If you go to the national sex offender public website and do a search you will find honest results. All you have to do is type in the name, and the results you are looking for will show up.

how to find a sex offender by name

Search for Sex Offenders By Location

If you live in a neighborhood and want to know if there are sex offenders that are around you there is an easy way to do so. It is known as a “Geo” search. All you have to do is type the address into a field and you will be able to find registered sex offenders within a specified radius of the address. Sometimes the results can be pretty shocking, so be prepared. There are instances where the searcher finds over 40 registered sex offenders that live within a mile radius of the home. That’s a lot.

Searching For Sex Offenders in a Specified State

You can also conduct a search for sexual predators in your state. Since each state is different and abides by its own set of laws and rules your results can vary. The easiest way to do this is to go back to your favorite search engine and type out the name of whatever state you are inquiring about followed by “sex offender registry.” When you do this you will get results on the page that will have links to sites that provide public information regarding registered sex offenders for that state. When you find the sites, look for the search options that allow you to type in the name of the person.

Fighting Child Sex Trafficking

Child sex trafficking is growing in popularity in the United States. It is disgusting and horrible to even imagine what type of scumbag would be willing to gain a profit from selling a child for sex. But, it happens. Doing regular sex offender searches and sighing up for updates on sexual predators in your area will help to fight sex trafficking. The more you are aware of your surroundings and what is going on around you, the better equipped you are to make the call to the police that will save a child’s life. Continue to search. Keep yourself informed.

Kids Live Safe Sex Offender Search

Kids Live Safe is an organization that has the mission to keep kids and other vulnerable people safe from sexual predators. They do this by providing a massive database full of public records, arrest records, criminal records, and other available searchable records to members. It is easy, safe, and quick to run a full scan on anybody you want. They also go a step further and keep their members updated about changes in neighborhood safety, such as sex offenders moving in. Knowledge is power, and sometimes just being informed is more than enough to save lives.

Find Out if an Offender Lives Nearby
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